WRITING 6 – Studies


Spicing it up

1- Read the answer from a student and see how it could be improved on

Student’s answer

I felt nervous when the phone rang. The headteacher was calling my parents because I had skipped a lesson. They got angry with me. I told them that I skipped a lesson because I had to take a cat to a vet. The cat survived and my parents forgave me for skipping a class.

Sample answer

I felt nervous when the phone rang. I had skipped a class the day before and I was sure it was the headteacher who was calling my parents to let them know about it. Unfortunately, I was right and when my parents found out about the event, they got very angry. They decided to have a talk with me to understand why I skipped that class. Finally, I told them the truth, that is, I saw a poor kitten on the road that needed a vet urgently and I took her to the closest vet, who managed to save her life. Believe it or not, my parents said it was ok and they were very happy for the cat!

2- Improve this student’s writing

I felt nervous when the phone rang. It was a long phone number, probably the university admissions office. The university admission results were out. I told my friends who applied to the same university. We checked the results and we were all admitted. We are going to have a special dinner together to celebrate it. 

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