LISTENING 2 – Relationships

Short extract 1


What is the man’s first memory?
The first thing I remember is when I was about four my grandma took me to the seaside. My sister was only one year old, so she stayed at home with my grandpa because she was too young. Anyway, the lifeguard wouldn’t let us go in the sea because it was too rough and I couldn’t swim very well, so we spent hours playing on the sand, building sand castles and digging holes.

Short extract 2


Why has he invited Lisa?
– Hi mum, I’ve invited Lisa over today, because we need to hand in a summary of a book that I haven’t read and she’s going to help me with that. I hope you don’t mind.
– Of course not! I’ll prepare a tasty snack for you both then. Lisa is the pretty girl you like from school, right?
– Mum! We’re just friends, that’s all
– Come on, mum knows everything, there’s no way you can fool me. But you can be sure I won’t let the cat out!
– Ok, you got me! You’d better not say anything. I mean to ask her out next weekend!

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