TASK 7 – Looking for a job

Looking for a job

Part 1

Considering jobs

You know it’s time you started working, so you first need to make up your mind about what’s going to be your first job. Here you have some options you’re considering. Choose one of them.

Part 2

Getting ready

You know it’s an important moment in your life, so you want to prepare for the occasion. Before heading to the place, describe what you would be wearing

Part 3

Giving information

You’ve arrived at the place. A nice man greets you and asks you to fill in the form below:

Part 4

Writing your CV

Two days later, you receive a call from the manager, who tells you they’re interested in hiring you. Ok, it’s time to prepare your CV! When preparing your CV, you should highlight your qualifications, your skills and your experience. Take your time, what you write here is what the person in the human resources department will read, and they will base their opinion on what you write here!

As it’s important to make a good first impression, here you have 6 expressions that you may want to use in your CV

  1. Exceptional Communication Skills 
  2. Detail-Oriented and Organized
  3. Adaptable Team Player
  4. Innovative Thinker
  5. Demonstrated Leadership Abilities
  6. Continuous Learner who adapts to change

Part 5


Two days later, you receive a call from the manager, who tells you they liked your CV and want to have an interview with you. This is what they’re looking for:
· A worker who gives complete and convincing answers
· A worker who is willing to work
· A worker who shows skills needed for the job

You go to their office and you start the conversation with this sentence. Copy, paste and complete the sentence.
Good morning, I was called for an interview. I applied for a position as a _____.

Click here to start the interview: https://sl.bing.net/cCqpl4KmXzo

Part 6

Giving news

Send an audio message to your parents telling them about the interview.