LISTENING 8 – Entertainment

Short extract 1


What are they going to do at the weekend?
– What shall we do at the weekend, Tony? The Browns are coming up with their children. I was thinking about a visit to the zoo, or a river trip… or just going down to the sea again…
– Let’s do something different. The weather should be good, so we could take a picnic to the castle instead. The children will enjoy it and it’ll be a nice change from the beach.
– Right then, we’ll do that.

Short extract 2


– Hey, fancy a film this evening? There’s this new film… what’s the title…
– Endless love?
– That film’s definitely too sentimental for me… I was talking about Inception, have you heard of this film? It’s a science fiction thriller about the mind and the subconscious.
– Yes! that one looks good. It can be a bit difficult to follow its plot, though.
– That’s true, but I don’t think I like any of the other films that they’re showing at the cinema. Anyway, if we don’t understand the plot, we can read reviews of the film after watching it.
– I guess I’ll have to find another person to watch a romantic film with. See you at 7pm at the cinema entrance?
– Great! see you then!

Long extract 1


– Hi! Do you know who won the poker game yesterday?
– Germán! No, mate. I was the first to lose and right after that, I phoned my girlfriend to spend some time with her.
– I did! I cleaned all of them out!
– You won? how’s that possible? You don’t even know the rules of the game?!
– I have a secret tactic! If one of the cards is an ace, I go all in! Luck is always on my side!
– It’s not all about luck! I don’t understand how I ended up losing the game… I worked out all the odds and I also have an app that advises me on when to fold, call or raise the hand.
– You shouldn’t forget two of the most important components of poker: Psychology and body language! I pay meticulous attention to the players’ gestures and I can spot someone lying to me right away! For example, you touched your lips every time you were bluffing!
– No way! The point is that I’m used to playing online so all those tiny details do not matter.
– Listen, do you know how I won the game? We were in the heads up and I went all in without looking at my cards and it turned out that I had pocket aces! On top of that, another ace came on the table so I had a set. It was incredible! no one could believe it!
– Are you for real? You’re so lucky mate!
– You may be right. But truth be told, I’d rather have a girlfriend! You know, lucky at cards, unlucky in love!