LISTENING 13 – Philosophy

Short extract 1


– Honey, I think we need to talk. You’re 30 already and you do nothing but play video games. Will you ever get tired of them and find a good job?
– Mum… I understand how you feel, but working for the video game industry can be as good a job as any other. I earn €1.000 a month doing what I love. Why would you want me to work anywhere else for the same amount of money?
– I don’t know… yes, it’s not all about the salary, but… you studied economics, you could have a steady job working for a big company…
– But you know I wouldn’t enjoy it. I prefer being happy to being rich. Don’t you?
– You got me there!

Short extract 2


A- Darling, I’m looking for the car keys, have you seen them?

B- Shh, I’m listening to the news, let me hear what they say about this corruption case…

A- Another corruption case? It must be the third one they’ve uncovered this month

B- Damn politicians… I voted for this party because they promised to put an end to most of our problems… and there they are, taking our money away, as usual…

A- That’s why I never vote… They’re all the same… Whoever you vote for, they’re just in politics to make money… It was so naïve of you to think this party was different…

B- You’re right… I won’t make the same mistake again…

Long extract 1


A: Hey, you look kind of distracted. What’s on your mind?

B: I’m thinking about my life, my role in this world, you know… How will I be remembered when I die…?

A: Deep thoughts, huh? It’s natural to reflect on such things from time to time. Don’t let them get to you, though. What’s bothering you specifically?

B: I feel like I’m stuck in a rut… I’m like everybody else… I want to be different, I want to make a big impact on society. Take Ellon Musk, Michael Jordan or Messi! 

A: hahah come down to earth! Alright, you want to be remembered… so what kind of contribution can you make to society?

B: That I don’t know. I’m bad at sports, acting, singing… I don’t have any special skills that can make me stand out from the rest of the world… 

A: I see… you could just focus on becoming a better person… I mean, know yourself, be kind to the people around you and be there when they need you. What do you think about that?

B: I like the way you think. I guess the world doesn’t really need more superstars… this would be a better place if everyone focused on simply being a good person, right? 

A: That’s right! that’s the idea! Do you feel better now?

B: Absolutely.