TASK 12 – Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping

Part 1

Vocabulary review

Part 2

Christmas shopping

Part 3

Making decisions

Your friend’s birthday is coming up, so you decide to go to a shop to find the perfect gift for him. Talk to the shop assistant.

Here’s your friend’s profile:

  • Name: Alex
  • Age: 25
  • Interests:
    • Technology and gadgets
    • Reading, especially science fiction and fantasy novels
    • Outdoor activities, such as hiking and cycling
    • Indoor activities, such as board games and collecting figures and model cars.
  • Favorite Colors: Blue and green
  • Style Preferences:
    • Casual and comfortable
    • Prefers eco-friendly and sustainable brands
  • Recent Life Events:
    • Just started a new job in graphic design
    • Moved into a new apartment
  • Gift preferences:
    • Enjoys practical gifts that can be used in daily life or align with hobbies
    • Appreciates personalized items that show thoughtfulness
    • Likes to try new things and is open to unique or unconventional gifts

Start the conversation here: https://sl.bing.net/h5DmMnsM4Iu

Part 4

Writing a letter

Your friend loved your gift and sent you this letter. Answer your friend in around 100 words.