GRAMMAR 10 – Modal verbs


1. Match the mistake in each sentence with the grammar rule


2. Translate the following sentence into English

Speak your grammar

3. Rephrase the sentences using a modal verb. Read the sentences aloud.

Exam practice

4. Choose the correct option (A,B,C,D) to complete the text.

It was going to be a good day. John had arranged to meet Evelyn, the mysterious girl we met in unit 2, for the second time. He was nervous as he wanted to make a good (1)_____ on her, so he planned everything (2)_______. He picked her up from her workplace and went shopping together. They both bought elegant clothes for that evening, as they would (3)___ eating out in the best restaurant in town. (4)_____, the dinner didn’t go as they expected.  It turned out that Evelyn was allergic to peanuts, so as (5)____ as she tried the sauce that went with the salad, she was itchy all over. Fortunately, John reacted quickly and took her to hospital, where the doctor gave her pills that (6)_____ her feel much better the next day.