LISTENING 9 – Environment

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– What are you doing? Don’t you see you are throwing paper into the wrong recycling container? That’s only for cans!
– What are you talking about? The blue one is for cardboard and paper, which is the one I’m throwing my stuff into.
– Let me see… I can’t believe it. I’ve been recycling for more than ten years and I’ve just realised the blue container is not for cans! Sorry for the confusion. Well, this means I’ve been damaging the environment for 10 years. Shame on me
– Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s a mistake that anyone could make. Make sure you throw things into the right container next time!

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– How was your day, honey?
– Very good! We learnt about the environment and the three Rs. It was a good lesson where we did a few group activities in class. I was getting tired of school projects and things like that. Anyway, do you know what the 3 R’s stand for?
– Hmm I have no idea. What are they?
– Reduce, reuse and recycle. The teacher told us that it’s very important for all of us to put them into practice so that we can protect the environment and the next generations can live in a better world. The teacher said that in the next class we’ll be learning about how pollution affects animals and plants. It’s going to be an interesting lesson too!
– I see… You’re so lucky to be having fun at school…

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“Brains and Beyond: Exploring Animal and Human Intelligence”

Host: Welcome, listeners, to another exciting episode of “Curious Minds Unleashed”! Today, we embark on a fascinating journey into the territories of animal and human intelligence. Get ready to be amazed as we delve into the incredible abilities and cognitive marvels that make our world so diverse.

Host: Our planet is home to an wide variety of creatures, each with its own unique intelligence. From the complex social structures of ants to the remarkable cognitive abilities of octopuses, we’re about to uncover the extraordinary intelligence found throughout the animal kingdom.

Guest Expert 1, zoologist: Animals show an incredible range of cognitive abilities. Some, like elephants and dolphins, display self-awareness, while others, like parrots, can make use of tools. These are just some examples that reveal the fascinating spectrum of intelligence in the natural world.

“Humans and Other Primates: A Comparative Analysis”

Host: Humans, too, are part of the sophisticated web of intelligence on Earth. How do we compare to our closest relatives, the primates?

Guest Expert 2, anthropologist: The cognitive abilities of humans and primates share similarities, although our species has developed complex language, abstract thinking, and cultural evolution that set us apart. 

“Canine Companions: Unlocking the Minds of Dogs” Host: Man’s best friend, the dog, has been by our side for centuries. But what goes on in those furry heads?

Guest Expert 3, canine behaviorist: Dogs are not only loyal but incredibly intelligent. Breeds like Border Collies demonstrate exceptional learning, great agility and adaptability, making them the perfect companions in various roles.

Conclusion: Host: Well, that wraps up another intriguing episode of “Curious Minds Unleashed.” Thank you for joining us today! If you enjoyed this episode, don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and leave a review. Stay curious, and until next time, keep exploring the wonders of our incredible world!