LISTENING 3 – Habits

Short extract 1


What will the man do first?
– Steve, what are you going to do today?
– Hmm… well, I’ve got to have my hair cut, but before I do anything I need to ring Peter and see if he wants to play golf. I have a big competition next month and I still need to improve.
– That’s a good idea, but I’m sure you would win the competition even without any more practice. You’re so talented!

Short extract 2


What time are they meeting?
– John, I’m sorry I had to cancel our date yesterday. I had too many things to do.
– No worries Helen! I know you’re a busy mother. Anyway, what about hanging out this evening?
– Great! I finish work at 7pm. Can you pick me up then? We could try this new Italian restaurant next to the museum?
– Can we put it off until 7:30? I have to do some errands in the evening. I’ll pick you up from work
–  Cool! The restaurant doesn’t open until 8pm, but we can have a walk in the park to pass the time.
– Brilliant! don’t forget to make yourself look good! It’s our first date!

Long extract 1



Good morning! ready for work?

What are you talking about mate?

Are you still under the sheets? We were supposed to meet at 10am, and it’s almost midday! I was up and about at 8am!

Let me sleep a bit longer… I burned the midnight oil last night…

Why was that?

Well, I was actually just tossing and TURNING in bed, but the point is that I didn’t get much sleep last night

I can’t believe it…

Neither can I! You know I’m passionate about work… especially early in the morning!

hahaha at least you woke up in a good mood. Come on, get a move on, we’ve got plenty of things to do!

Hold your horses! I have to drink my coffee first thing in the morning… otherwise, it seems I got up on the wrong side of the bed all through the day

Coffee? now? it’s almost lunch time already!

Lunch time in England, but I’m a very cosmopolitan person, you know?

Do whatever floats your boat, but don’t indulge in your coffee, please. It’s monday and there’s still a lot of work ahead

Ok ok, I’ll drink my coffee and I’ll be ready after a shower

A shower? are you serious?

Come on, surely you don’t expect me to start the day looking like this…

pff… alright… I wonder why they say that the early bird catches the worm…