TASK 4 – Organise a trip

Organise a trip

Part 1

Getting information

You’re on holiday and want to make a trip to a big city. You go to the travel agency and decide to read the following leaflets that you find at the entrance. 

Part 2

Making decisions

Now talk to our travel agent to organise the trip together. Make sure you go over the following information
· Flight: Time, place and price
· Hotel
· Transportation. How to move around the city
· Things to do (restaurants, shops, monuments, historical buildings…)
· Other activities to do in the city (equipment, requirements, price…)

Start conversation with the travel agent by clicking here: https://sl.bing.net/drRa4HTizng

Part 3

Summarising information

Answer your friend’s questions. 

Part 4

Persuading your friend

Send an audio message to your friend inviting him/her to come with you.