LISTENING 1 – Personality

Short extract 1


What’s the new boy in class like?

Have you met the new boy yet? I sit next to him in class and he seems very funny. It seems he’s settled in pretty well in class. 

Oh yes, he’s an old friend of mine. You know, our mothers are friends so we used to play together when we were kids. He’s not very sociable, but you can have a good laugh with him, that’s for sure.

That’s exactly what I thought after the class

Short extract 2


Who is his football coach?

Oh look, that’s my new football coach over there, see – he’s waiting at the bus stop

The young man with sunglasses and blond hair? He’s good looking. You told me your coach was a bald man who always got angry because he kept losing his whistle

That was the coach I had last year. This one is really nice and that beard suits him.

Long extract 1