2- Complete the table below with the clues.
Remember: The aim of the exercise is for you to have fun and do a pastime in English. Don’t click on the table randomly until you get the exercise right. Instead, read the clues carefully and enjoy racking your brain! (racking your brain = rebanándote los sesos)

Click in the middle of the cell. Otherwise, you will only get cross mark symbols ()

a) The person with the fewest children has a lot of money

b) The person with the longest name enjoys his/her hobby at the beach

c) The creative person has enough children to play tennis doubles, that’s why s/he loves such sport

d) Anne likes having fun with her child at home

e) Neither Sam nor Julia can play their hobby alone.

f) Julia has as many children as Sam and none of the six of them is adventurous

g) Sam likes competing in this sport at the beach

h) The person with the most children doesn’t play board games

i) The urban person plays table football

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