LISTENING 4 – Holidays

Short extract 1


What should the students take on the school trip?
Now you won’t need any money for the train or your entrance ticket to the museum tomorrow, because that’s already paid for. No food or drink is allowed on the train so make sure you bring some small change to buy what you like when you arrive at our destination. Note that we’re travelling to northern England, so bring clothes to protect you from the cold weather. Finally, you’ll need to bring all your coloured pencils for the work I’m going to ask you to do there.

Short extract 2


Which postcard will they send to Mark?
– I’m getting this postcard of that lighthouse for my aunt. And this high building looks nice – shall we send it to your sister? She loves architecture and design.
– But we haven’t actually been there – we should send her a postcard of a place we’ve seen. Here’s the park we went to yesterday. She might like this too!
– But it looks dirty and crowded in that picture
– Oh, just get her the same one as you’re sending to your auntie. Simple as that!

Long extract 1

3. Complete the expressions with the words below


Person A: Hey, Minerva! I finally went to that camping spot you recommended. I have to say, it wasn’t as great as you described.

Person B: Oh no, really? What happened?

Person A: The weather was terrible, so we couldn’t do any of the activities we’d planned to do. My two kids don’t like playing board games, cards or anything like that, so they spent the whole weekend glued to the screen while I dealt with some problems with a rude client.

Person B: Yikes, that’s too bad. The weather was just fine when I went there… I guess that makes a big difference because we spent the whole weekend outdoors.

Person A: Yeah, you were very lucky indeed. It was so cold and rainy that we struggled to get a decent fire going for cooking… in the end, we couldn’t and had lunch at the restaurant on the campsite. 20€ for a salad, can you believe it? We were so upset that the next day we checked out earlier than arranged in order to be home by 2pm and have lunch there.

Person B: Aw, bummer. Maybe it was just an off week. What about the facilities, we loved the bedrooms and the shower.

Person A: Don’t get me started about the showers! They were practically freezing. I felt like I was taking an ice bath in the middle of nowhere. 

Person B: Ouch, that doesn’t sound pleasant at all. I’m sorry you had such a tough time… Did you get to enjoy the starry nights at least?

Person A: Ohh, absolutely, that’s probably the only thing we really enjoyed… the sky was so clear you could see lots of stars… it was a magic moment… 

Person B: Yeah… it was so relaxing to lie down on the grass and look at them

Person A: Yes… but they don’t make up for the horrible trip we had… I think I’ll still stick to hotels for a while.

Person B: Fair enough!