TASK 9 – A demonstration

A demonstration

Part 1

Considering measures

Arrange the following measures in order from the most effective to the least effective

Part 2


You go out to the streets to find out about other people’s habits and whether they are committed to the environment. Make up 5 good questions to ask people. You can ask the three of them the same 5 questions

Start the interview with person 1 by clicking here: https://sl.bing.net/dh3q6vMYPts

Start the interview with person 2 by clicking here: https://sl.bing.net/hWkpode1A7w

Start the interview with person 3 by clicking here: https://sl.bing.net/i6mkQbawfjo

Part 3

Making a complaint

You’re so disappointed with the results that you decide to send an email to the City Council telling them about the results of the survey (encuesta), and asking them to take action

Part 4

Creating slogans

As it happens, the city council ignored your letter, so you are determined to organise a demonstration. Create 10 protest signs for your comrades!