GRAMMAR 2 – Compound tenses


1. Mark the compound tenses from the text


2. Translate the following sentence into English. Do not use contractions

Speak your grammar

3. Say the sentence aloud using the correct tense. Use compound tenses only

Exam practice

4. Choose the correct option (A,B,C,D) to complete the text.

When John became unemployed, his girlfriend got very upset with him. She blamed him (1)____ losing his job, which led to a lot of (2)________ and quarrels. John decided to break (3)_____ with her and move back to his hometown, as you know. Although he didn’t (4)_____ on with his parents very well, he had no (5)______ but to do it. One day, while he was having a drink with his friends, a pretty girl approached him. A few minutes later, they both were immersed in conversation. It would be the beginning of a beautiful (6)_________.

Exam practice

5. Fill the gaps with a suitable word