TASK 5 – Design your app

Design your app

Part 1

A quick run-through

Part 2

Contest inscription

You hear the following advertisement while listening to Spotify

You can draw your logo or you can create it using either of these websites:

  1. https://www.bing.com/images/create
  2. https://www.freepik.es/ia/generador-de-imagenes

Part 3

Your app

Congratulations! Your app looks fantastic and we’d love to know more about it. Write a short text in which you tell us the following information:

· Characteristics

· Price

· Adverts – yes or no

· Comparison with similar apps

· When we should/shouldn’t use it

· The best thing about your app

Part 4

Giving good news

Listen to the audio and send an audio message to your friend telling him about the good news