GRAMMAR 5 – Conditionals


1- Match the sentence halves


2. Translate the following sentence into English

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3- Complete the following proverbs where a conditional is used. Use the following words:

Else, Succeed, Buy, Will, Join, Broke

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4. Choose the correct option (A,B,C,D) to complete the text.

Admittedly, our friend John is a bit peculiar. ______, people consider him a geek, but he prefers to call himself a technophile. He loves all kinds of devices, from laptops to cameras. Seeing that he was so fond ___ his old camera, his mother _________ that he take a photography course two years ago. He learnt all ______ composition, editing and color grading, which took his photos to the _____ level. Not long after finishing the course, he _____ the idea of buying a high-quality camera, which he actually did with the money he had been saving from his previous job as an engineer. 

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