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Situational grammar

Create a dialogue that could take place in the following situations

Inverted translation

Text 1: A visit to the museum

I’ve just been to the museum in our city. That was my first visit, believe it or not! I wanted to collect some information for our class history project. We have to hand it in soon, don’t we?

I’ve still got some work to do on my project, so I’ll need to go back to the museum again some time soon. In fact, why don’t we go together? I don’t think you’ve been there before, have you? I’m sure you’ll find something that you could use for your project, hopefully!

Text 2: Working from home

It is difficult to find your perfect job. Sometimes the work is interesting but the pay is too low. Maybe you have to work with difficult colleagues or you don’t believe in the ideas of the company. But there is an answer. Now, because of the internet, many people have decided to start their own business. All you need is a laptop and a good idea and you could be the next Mark Zuckerberg. But working from home isn’t easy; your office and your bedroom might be the same place. You need to have some rules so that you don’t just sit around all day, wasting time.


Text 3: Nintendo

The company was created in 1889, over one hundred years ago. They had sold card games for about 80 years before they entered the world of video games. Their first game was EVR Racer released in 1975. In 1981 they released a game which would change history. It was called Donkey Kong. It was an arcade game so you could only play it in shopping centres and other pulbic places and you had to put money in.


Text 4: The invention of cars

The invention of the first car is a fascinating story, as it involves various pioneers and ingenious ideas. From the 1850s to the early 1910s, numerous inventors around the world were busy playing with machines that could revolutionise transportation. Da vinci designed something that looked like a car, Cugnot came up with the idea of adding wheels to it, Daimler put a gas engine on it, but many more smart people contributed to the invention. At the end of the day, it’s like a puzzle with multiple pieces that finally were put together, which makes it challenging to identify a single inventor. So, if someone asks you “who invented the car”, bear in mind that you’re never going to get it right!

Text 5: Personality

In life, everyone has a unique personality that shapes who they are. Some people are outgoing and love meeting new friends, while others may be more introverted and prefer quiet moments alone. Your personality influences how you react to challenges and joys, and it’s a key part of what makes you, you. Understanding different personality traits helps us connect with others and build strong relationships. Whether you’re described as cheerful, ambitious, or easygoing, each trait contributes to the vibrant fabric of personalities that make our world interesting and diverse

Text 6: Conversation in a shop

Customer: Hi! I’m looking for a new pair of running shoes. Do you have any recommendations? If they’re black, all the better!

Shop Assistant: Of course! We have a great selection of running shoes. Are you looking for something specific, like extra cushioning or a particular brand?

Customer: I’m leaning towards something comfy and wear resistance. I’ve been into running for a while, so I’m looking for a top pair of running shoes, to take it to the next level.

Shop Assistant: Got it. These brands have received positive feedback from professional athletes. Let me show you a couple of options. Here’s our bestseller, and we also have a newer model with some advanced features. What’s your shoe size?

Customer: I’m a EU size 42.

Shop Assistant: Perfect! Both of these come in that size. Feel free to try them on, and let me know if you need any assistance.

Customer: Thanks! These feel comfortable. I’ll take the newer model, it feels great.

Tenses workout

Yo veo

Él canta

Ella consigue

Ellos estudian

Nosotros compramos

Yo entendí

Tú dijiste

Ella enseñó

Ellos rompieron

Nosotros aprendimos

Yo tendré

Él perderá

Ella ganará

Ellos saltarán

Nosotros construiremos

Yo comería

Tú serías

Él vendría

Ella escribiría

Nosotros sentiríamos

Tú estás soñando

Él está intentando

Ella está gastando

Ellos están yendo

Noosotros estamos cocinando

Yo estaba durmiendo

Tú estabas hablando

Él estaba llevando (puesto)

Ellos estaban haciendo

Nosotros estábamos pensando

Yo estaré trabajando

Él estará estudiando

Ella estará volando

Ellos estarán limpiando

Nosotros estaremos nadando

Yo estaría nadando

Él estaría volando

Ella estaría durmiendo

Ellos estarían trabajando

Nosotros estaríamos limpiando

Yo he estado

Tú has tenido

Él ha visto

Ellos han escrito

Nosotros hemos robado

Yo había estudiado

Él había decidido

Ella había entendido

Ellos habían llegado

Nosotros habíamos comprado

Yo habré terminado

Tú habrás conseguido

Él habrá empezado

Ellos habrán hecho

Nosotros habremos mejorado

Yo habría ganado

Él habría venido

Ella habría elegido

Ellos habrían cogido

Nosotros habríamos pintado

Yo he estado mirando

Tú has estado molestando

Él ha estado jugando

Ellos han estado buscando

Nosotros hemos estado señalando

Yo había estado leyendo

Él había estado bebiendo

Ella había estado cocinando

Ellos habían estado peleando

Nosotros habíamos estado quedando

Tú habrás estado haciendo trampas

Él habrá estado preguntando

Ella habrá estado insistiendo

Ellos habrán estado llorando

Nosotros habremos estado caminando

Yo habría estado leyendo

Él habría estado cantando

Ella habría estado corriendo

Ellos habrían estado planeando

Nosotros habríamos estado desarrollando


Questions part 2

How many people are there?

Who are they?

What are they doing?

Where are they?

What’s the weather like?

What clothes are the people wearing?

What things can you see?

Where are those things?

What are they being used for?

How are the people feeling?

Have you ever done that?


Letter analysis

Read these students’ informal letters and answer the questions below

Hi Simon,

is great to hear from you again, how’s everything going? I hope all’s well with you

So, about your arrival… I’ve so many plans to do here for you. I know you love music, so I book two tickets for us to see Saturday’s rock music. 

You asked me about museums. I´m sorry, but I’m not interested on museums. Instead of going to museums, we can watch Sunday´s football match as I know you like football too.

For the rest of the week, I´d prefer to eat out because I’m running out of food and I live in the suburbs. Besides, I want you to meet my friends, they’re nice people and we can get together and go clubbing. Anyway, if this doesn’t sound good to you, I’ll let you choose what to do. 

I must stop writing now. I’ve to go to work

I’m really looking forward to seeing you again!


Half dictation, half creation

Exercise 1

I was at home yesterday when I received a phone call from a big company. They were interested in hiring me, so we arranged an interview. I got ready for the interview and took the bus to go to the place where we arranged to meet…

Exercise 2

I applied to a prestigious university when I fnished secondary school a few weeks ago. I was accepted so I had to move into a new flat, which I share with more students. Let me tell you about my new life.

Exercise 3

I was walking down the street and a mysterious man approached me.  He was wearing black clothes and sunglasses. He looked at me and said: “Listen, I have something to tell you”

Guess the idiom

Missing word

Guess the word that can be used in all the three sentences

She spoke with a _____ British accent

These vitamins are meant to keep you healthy and ______

There was a _______ wind blowing from the north.

Where did you ______ the remote control?

The meeting has been ____ off

I want to ____ this idea into practice


It turned ____ to be quite fun

The rude customer was thrown ____ of the restaurant

I’m currently  _____ of work


Can you lend me your _____?

You need to know the ____ before playing the game (plural)

We should _____ out this option, because it’s too expensive

Things got worse and worse ____ time passed

He’s the same age ____ me

____ you know, I love that kind of music


____ you like thrillers, you must watch that film!

He talked to them as ____ they were children

I’m not sure ___ this is the right road or not.

Say that again?

Phrasal verbs

Tricky words

1- Match the words in column A with the words in column B






A lo largo de

Pensado / pensamiento


A través de


2- Write the homonym of each word
















Give it a thought


Lyrics - Get them right

Spanish lyrics

Tú y yo hemos hecho un juramento

para bien o para mal.

No puedo creer que me decepcionaras

pero la prueba está en la forma en la que duele.

Durante muchos meses he tenido mis dudas

negando cada lágrima.

Ojalá acabara esto ahora

pero sé que todavía te necesito aquí

Tú dices que estoy loco

porque crees que no sé lo que has hecho

pero cuando me llamas nena

sé que no soy la única.

Has estado tan ocupado

Tristemente ahora sé por qué

Tú corazón es inconseguible

Aunque el Señor sabe que te quedaste con el mío

English lyrics

Lyrics - Become an artist

Create a verse

1- Write four lines of a song about money

2- Write four line of a love song

3- Write four lines of a song about politics

4- Write four lines of a song about happiness

5- Write four lines of a song about friendship

Make it rhyme

1- Help me write a verse.  The rhyme must be ABAB. These are the words I’m considering using:
Cloud, proud, allowed, aloud, crowd
Sun, fun, run, done, son, won, everyone, someone, no one, anyone

Write the verse


2- Help me write a verse.  The rhyme must be ABAB. These are the words I’m considering using:
Dance, chance, glance, France, advance
You, blue, few, true, threw, view, who, do

Write the verse


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