GRAMMAR 13 – Relative clauses



Speak your grammar

1- Join the two sentences with a relative pronoun

I watched a film. The film was scary.

They bought a house. The house is opposite ours.

The man started the fight. He has been arrested

We stayed in a hotel. The hotel was wonderful.

Exam practice

4. Choose the correct option (A,B,C,D) to complete the text

Evelyn and our friend John have been ____(1) for a few months now. Their relationship is good, ____(2) good that John is about to move in with her. As John packed his belongings, he felt a mix of excitement and nervousness. Moving in together was a significant step, and he wanted ______(3) to go smoothly. Meanwhile, Evelyn was busy rearranging furniture and making space for John’s things. She felt a sense of joy, knowing that their _____(4) lives were about to become more intertwined. Moving in together wasn’t just about _____(5) physical space; it was about constructing a solid platform for their future and navigating the rollercoaster of life together.

Exam practice