LISTENING 12 – Shopping

Short extract 1


Which present has the boy bought her father?
– Hi… it’s me, Francis… I’ve got Dad’s birthday present, I think he’ll like it… yes, that’s right, a golden one. He’s always writing letters, so he’ll find it useful… mmm. I thought about a shirt that suited his new tie, but mum got him a very stylish one last year. I’m sure he’ll like what I’ve bought.

Short extract 2


Which present will the girl take?
– I’m having a hard time choosing a gift to give Mrs Smith when I go and stay with her in Manchester. Do you think she’d like some perfume?
– Well, I don’t know her very well… so I’d go with something more generic, like a bunch of flowers, or just a box of chocolates.
– Hmm… I like your first idea best – chocolates will melt quickly now in summer.

Long extract 1


A- I usually go to Carrefour to do the groceries every week, but I’ve noticed that the prices have gone up quite a bit… it’s like 30% more expensive than it was one year ago. 

B- Yeah… I used to go there too when the prices were still affordable… They had a lot of products to choose from and you can find things that you can’t buy at any other supermarket in the area, though.

A: Yeah, that’s true… but sometimes having so many options is worse because you don’t know which one to choose. In the end, it takes like 2 hours to shop, whereas in a smaller one like Mercadona or Consum, it only takes 30 minutes.

B: Exactly. What does work well is their queuing system; it’s super fast.

A: Haha, yeah, it’s very clever. I wonder why other supermarkets don’t adopt it…

B: Beats me… Anyway, I do my shopping at Consum near my house because they have a lot of product variety despite being quite small. Why don’t you try Consum next week?

A: Uff… I don’t have one close to home, and I’d have to take the car… I think I’ll go to Mercadona. The vegetables they sell aren’t the best, but the cold cuts, bread, and especially the guacamole, are excellent

B: Oh, really?

A: Yeah, it’s delicious… in fact, I’m going to go shopping now, see you!

B: Wait, I’ll go with you, I want to try their guacamole!