GRAMMAR 8 – Quantifiers 2


1. Click on the quantifiers from the text


2. Translate the following sentence into English

Speak your grammar

3- Complete the sentences with the following words and read them aloud


a) Perhaps he didn’t expect the race to be ___ hard
b) Perhaps he didn’t train hard _____ for the race
c) He is ____ tired to finish the race
d) He was not fit ____ to finish the race
e) He had been running for ___ long that he needed to stop
f) He never thought it would be _____ a hard race

Exam practice

4. Choose the correct option (A,B,C,D) to complete the text.

John is a very laid-back person, (1)______ interests are in line with his personality. I mean, he loves taking (2)______ of their model cars, going to the cinema with his girlfriend, reading books on history, politics and the like. Nevertheless, he also enjoys adventure activities from time to time, (3)______ mountain biking or trekking, since he gets to breath some fresh air and switch off from his daily routine. He even had the courage to go to an amusement park, specifically Port Aventura, last year for the first (4)_____. It was too much for him. His girlfriend challenged him to go on a ride on the Dragon Khan, the most imposing roller coaster ever built. After the ride, he promised not to step in an amusement park (5)_____ again. After all, he is a relaxed person who just wants live a peaceful life and (6)________ himself with people who love him.

Exam practice