WRITING 1 – Personality

Sample answer


My parents gave me some money to buy a present for my birthday! (fantastic)

I’ve got a lot of clothes, so I’d like to buy something different for a change. What do you think I should get? (recommend) I’m allowed to play online games up to an hour a day, but only if I’ve finished my homework. What do you do online? (tell her)

I’d like to go into town this weekend. Are you free? (yes)

Hello Alex!
Wow, you’re very lucky that your parents let you choose your present! 
As you don’t want to buy any more clothes, I would buy a board game to play with your family and friends. They are a lot of fun! If you don’t like playing board games, what about a videogame that we can play together online?
When I’m online, I watch a lot of videos on Youtube and play video games like Counter Strike or Football Manager. You could buy either of them so that we can play together!
Yes, I’m free this weekend! If you come to town, we’ll go to the shopping centre to buy your present!

Good bye!

Choose wisely


Formulaic language

Spice it up

Hello Alex!
It’s good that you can choose your present.
I would buy a board game, but if you don’t like them, you can buy a videogame.  
When I’m online, I play video games like Counter Strike or Football Manager. If you buy either of those, we can play together. 
Yes, I’m free this weekend! Come and let’s choose your present together!

Good bye!

Improve the writing above to meet the requirements of a B1 email writing task.

Here you have a few suggestions:

  • Add adjectives to show how you feel
  • Make references to what she says in her email
  • Add information
  • Make contrasts, give reasons, explain consequences…
  • Change some structures to add variety to your writing