TASK 1 – Personality test

Personality test

Part 1

Conversation with client

You are a psychologist who is going to meet a new client. The person is a 15-year-old teenager who is going through some changes in his life.

You want to know him a bit better, so tell him that you’re going to ask him a few questions. 
You have to ask him 10 questions about the following topics:

  • Current problem
  • Last happy memory
  •  How he sees himself
  • What he likes / dislikes about himself
  • Relationship with his parents
  • Relationship with his friends
  • What he is good/bad at
  • Favourite subject at school
  • Free time
  • Future plans – Studies or profession

When your client has answered the 10 questions. Tell him that you have finished and arrange to meet him next week.

Copy the blue text and paste it on the following link to start the conversation: https://sl.bing.net/jeDhScgSsAS

You and I are going to do a role-playing exercise.
You play the role of a 15-year-old boy who visits a psychologist
I play the role of a psychologist.
You answer my questions.
I ask you questions.
Information about the 15-year-old boy: He is about to move to anoter city with his family. He has had a very happy childhood and teenage years in his hometown, so he doesn’t want to move. It also means leaving his friends behind and adapt to a new lifestyle, new teachers, new friends, new environments, etc. He decides to go to a psychologist to talk about how he feels. This is you. You play this role.

You walk in the psycologist’s clinic and start the conversation saying nothing but “Hello, I’m Matthew” to the psychologist. Don’t use complex language during the conversation. Adjust your language to B1 students of English.

Part 2

Write a report

Write a report with your opinion of your new client. In the report you should write about:

  • Your general opinion
  • How you think his problem is affecting him
  • How you suggest solving the problem
  • What he needs to change
  • 5 adjectives that describe his personality based on the things he likes and his future plans