GRAMMAR 9 – Indefinite pronouns


1. Mark the indefinite pronouns from the text


2. Translate the following sentence into English

Speak your grammar

3. Read the exam task. Then read aloud the sentences that you could use in the exam

You and your friend decided to go out on a rainy day. Talk together about the different places you can go to and decide which one would be best. Complete the conversation using the following words:

Nothing, Something, Anyone, Everyone, Somewhere,

Mark: Ok, it’s raining and very cold. We should go ______ warm, right? 
John: Yes! let’s go to the aquarium. There’s always ______ interesting for ______. Also, I’ve never been there, so it could be fun!
Mark: Oh, that’s a great idea. I’ve been there a couple of times. It’s amazing
John: Yes, ______ says so, that’s why I can’t wait to go! 
Mark: Should we let _____ know that we’re going there? Anna loves animals, she might want to come along.
John: Yes, I know, but she’s busy today, she’s meeting ______.
Mark: Ok, let’s spend the evening there just the two of us!
John: Is there a café or ______ in there? I’m dying for a hot coffee. 
Mark: Of course, there’s a modern café in the aquarium. However, the coffee is ____ to write home about.

Exam practice

4. Choose the correct option (A,B,C,D) to complete the text.

It was a sunny Sunday. It was a (1)_____ sunnier day than the weather forecast said it would be. That’s why John’s plan was to (2)____ the Sunday doing housework and watching one of his favourite films: The apartment. However, seeing that it was such a lovely Sunday, his friends (3)_____ to go trekking on the mountain and talked John into going with them, even though they knew that John was not really (4)_______ of such outdoor activities. Our friend John (5)____ to go, a bit reluctantly though. It turned (6)____ to be an unforgettable excursion with his best friends. An excursion where he learned what true friendship meant. An excursion that he will never forget

Exam practice