GRAMMAR 7 – Quantifiers 1


1. Click on the quantifiers from the text


2. Translate the following sentence into English

Speak your grammar

3. Read aloud the correct sentence

a) We have a bit of time before the train leaves
b) We have many time before the train leaves
c) We have a few time before the train leaves

a) I don’t have no idea
b) I haven’t any idea
c) I have no idea

a) She has read few books
b) She has read much books
c) She has read a little books

a) She’s lived in Benidorm for many years
b) She’s lived in Benidorm for much years
c) She’s lived in Benidorm for a great amount of years

a) There are much papers about this issue
b) There are a large number of papers about this issue
c) There are lots papers about this issue

Exam practice

4. Choose the correct option (A,B,C,D) to complete the text.

____ you know, John used to work as a computer engineer in a prestigious company, where he spent hours and hours programming ______ alone in his office. This had a negative effect on his social and private life, as John was a social _______. That is, what he really enjoyed was talking to clients, especially those ______ were looking for really innovative stuff, as it made him work ______ pressure and brought out the best in him as a programmer. Unfortunately, this type of client didn’t show up very often, so John started looking for private clients who were interested in his services. John’s manager found _____ about his shady businesses and fired him.

Exam practice