READING – Sports

Key words

Guess the topic

2- Look at the following key words from the text and write what you think the text is about:



Friendly match






In a small town surrounded by green hills, there lived a girl named Lily. She had a special talent, a gift that made her different from the other kids in her neighbourhood. Lily was highly skilful at football. Some even said she could become the best player in the world.

Lily loved football more than anything else. Every day, she would kick the ball against the old goalposts at the local park, practicing her shots with strong determination. Her skilful dribbling and accurate passes were amazing, and her teammates and coaches couldn’t help but admire her talent.

One sunny afternoon, as the birds sang in harmony with the whistle of the wind, Lily’s team was ready to play a friendly match against their rivals. The excitement in the air was palpable, and Lily was ready to impress everyone with her skills.

The match started, and Lily was like a shooting star on the field, moving past defenders with ease and setting up her teammates for perfect scoring chances. It seemed like nothing could stop her from achieving her dream of becoming a football legend.

But then, in a sad moment, something terrible happened. As Lily ran towards the goal, an opponent accidentally tripped her. She fell down, holding her knee in pain. The referee blew the whistle, and Lily was carried off the field, tears in her eyes.

The doctor said she had hurt her knee badly and would need many months to get better. Lily’s dreams of becoming the best player were suddenly uncertain.

As she lay in her bed, watching football games on TV, unable to play, Lily couldn’t help but wonder what might have happened if that injury had never occurred. Would she have led her team to victory? Would she have become famous and inspired many others with her talent?

Her friends and family supported her, and even though the memory of that friendly match stayed with her like a heavy raincloud, she carried on with her life

Months turned into a year, and Lily’s knee slowly got better. She was never fully recovered though, so she couldn’t resume her professional career. However, it didn’t get her down and she decided to look on the bright side of life. She stills wonders what would have become of her if she hadn’t got injured, but she forgets about it every time she spends her evenings playing football with her children, passing on her love for the game to them


The expression can’t help but appears twice in the text. It’s an advanced construction as but has a different meaning than it usually does.

Look at the two examples from the text:

  • Her teammates and coaches couldn’t help but admire her talent.
  • Lily couldn’t help but wonder

Couldn’t was used instead of can’t because the story is set in the past.

In this expression, the word help doesn’t mean ayudar. It means evitar, so the expression means no poder evitar



Write a different ending to the story